Wonder Woman Review

Director: Patty Jenkins

Writer: Allan Heinberg

Cinematographer: Matthew Jensen

Composer: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Running Time: 141 Minutes

Cast: Gal Gadot (Diana), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Connie Nelson (Hippolyta), Robin Wright (Antiope), Danny Huston (Ludendorff), David Thewlis (Sir Patrick), etc.

I am stunned, I just watched a DCEU film that was actually pretty good. The characters were memorable, the script was stout, and above all, it felt like a tangible film (I’m looking at you, Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad). Thank you Patty Jenkins for giving fans a film to be proud of, hopefully Wonder Woman marks the beginning of a new era of DCEU filmmaking, where the films are actually respectable.

Gal Gadot held her own for the most part throughout the film, she has proven me wrong. Picture via Vox.com

Wonder Woman is the first DCEU superhero film to actually get its hallowed protagonist right. Somehow, Wonder Woman was a better Superman film than Man of Steel, thanks Zack Snyder. This is true for two reasons; the excellent script, and great performances. First, the script. This film had heart, Heinberg’s script injected Wonder Woman with life. There were countless memorable lines and quips that helped us gain a connection with these new characters. This is a funny film, a couple scenes are especially hilarious. My favorite is when Diana asks why Trevor will not sleep with her on the boat, her intentions are not what you may think! Speaking of those two characters, Gadot and Pine truly did a profound job in Wonder Woman. A script is nothing without committed actors, thankfully Pine and Gadot work wonders with it. Their chemistry is magnificent, you get a sense they had a lot of fun while Wonder Woman was filming. One note, I used to hate Chris Pine, not sure why, I don’t anymore. Pine is just too likeable for me to hate, Hell or High Water helped change my mind on him as well. Connie Nelson is also “wonder”ful as Diana’s mother, Hippolyta. Nelson did well with certain emotionally powerful scenes, props to Jenkins on this casting as well. In my mind, the entire cast is flawless, no one missed a beat.

Wonder Woman is not without its flaws. For starters, the action sequences are incredibly lackluster. In nearly every single action shot, there was a slow motion effect. This is an effect that can really bore the viewer when used too frequently. Patty Jenkins must improve her action direction if she wants to continue past the Wonder Woman sequel. Also, the last third of the film is exactly like that of Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and Man of Steel. The final third is a cgi mess, just like in the aforementioned films. I was incredibly disappointed with this. In order for a superhero flick to reach its potential, it needs a great conclusion. Sadly, the inconsistent andĀ scatterbrained action in the final third robbed us of that potential.


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