2 Things I Loved/8 Things I Hated About The Justice League Trailer

What I loved about the Justice League trailer?

  1. The one scene where Flash asks Batman what his power is and he says “I’m rich”
  2. Flash and Aquaman had great costumes and look like they were perfectly cast for their roles.

What I hated about the Justice League trailer?

  1. The usual over reliance on cgi in the action scenes by Snyder. I am growing tired of his formula with his superhero films.
  2. Cyborg’s look in the film did not get any better. Come on, I thought they would have cleaned it up after the footage released, but it is still terrible.
  3. The seemingly forced jokes. Most of ones they used fell flat.
  4. Why do they keep picking rock songs to go with the trailers? They should probably stop trying to be like the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  5. The dark filter annoys me to NO end, the visuals of Snyder’s films always look more bleak because of it.
  6. I lost any excitement I had for Justice League because of this trailer.
  7. The batmobile was cooler when it was just a picture. Its look did not translate over to the movies.
  8. Zack Snyder.

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