Logan Review

Director: James Mangold

Writer: Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green

Cast: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Dafne Keen (X-23), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Boyd Holbrook (Pierce), Stephan Merchant (Caliban), Richard E. Grant (Dr. Rice)

Running time: 137 minutes

Logan comes in with gigantic expectations since it is Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the character. Does it live up to the hype? Well, in most critics minds, yes. In my opinion it falls a little short of the praise it has been receiving. Find out the reasons why by reading my review!

The year is 2029, mutants have gone extinct except for a select few in hiding. Caliban and Wolverine are tasked with helping the ailing Professor X, who has had trouble with seizures. Those seizures are a danger to everyone around him though, so Wolverine and Caliban work to keep them at bay. Wolverine barely scrapes by as a limo driver and is seemingly ready to give up. Later, a mysterious girl turns up and Wolverine is tasked with protecting her, as well as bringing her to a safe haven.

Some of the best parts in Logan were the quirks between Professor X and Logan. The two of them had great chemistry together. Hugh Jackman pulled out all the stops in his final appearance as the Wolverine. He showcased his immense range as an actor (I feel that Jackman is vastly underrated because he was mostly in superhero movies). I also think that Patrick Stewart gave the audience his best performance as Professor X ever. He was witty, somber, and emotional when he needed to be. He was definitely one of the best parts of the film. Dafne Keen was magnificent in her role as X-23. She was the definition of silent but deadly. Keen highlighted how talented of an actress she is in Logan. Boyd Holbrook continues to impress in his roles, he is definitely one of the up and comers in Hollywood.

Logan looking rustic. Image via moviesquotesandmore.com

There were a few problems with Logan however. My main gripe with it was the character development between Logan and X-23. I did not feel satisfied with the amount of screen time Logan and X-23 got to develop their relationship. I felt like they should have devoted more time to make it more of a father-in-law’s relationship than it was. I wanted to see a deeper connection between the two characters than what was presented.

(Light spoilers upcoming in the next paragraph)

The dark tone was well suited for Logan, but there was one set of scenes that annoyed me. The scene where Logan and his group ate with the family they met highlighted a more light-hearted moment in the film. However, that scene was very quick, I wanted it to last longer. There were not enough scenes that showed a lighter side to the characters in the film. The bleakness was good, but I wished it was contrasted with some more cheerful scenes.

I thought that Logan’s soundtrack was extremely boring. It was one of the most bland soundtracks for a film that I have ever heard. I cannot remember one memorable track from the film. I pay close attention to each film soundtrack that goes along with films because I am a music aficionado. When I hear a bad soundtrack in a film it irks me to no end.

Do NOT mess with X-23 or you may lose your head…. Image via moviepilot.com

While it seems like I am thrashing Logan in this review, it does not mean that it was a bad movie at all. I just wanted to focus on why I thought it was slightly over-hyped. The performances in the film were top notch. The technical aspects of Logan were great as well.  I commend Logan for pushing the boundaries of what a comic book film can be. Like Deadpool before it, Logan succeeded in that.

I give Logan a

3 out of 4


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