First Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Released

Yesterday, the first Spider-Man Homecoming trailer was shown on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It was the first detailed footage released to the public since the announcement was made that Marvel would be working on a new Spider-Man film. This was a stupendous reveal, as Spider-Man is certainly one of the most tantalizing superheroes in the Marvel vault, there is a lot riding on this film. Anyways, here are 5 things I liked, and 5 things I didn’t like from the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer.

5 Things I Liked:

  1. The cast. Tom Holland is for real as Spider-Man, in case anyone hadn’t figured that out after his performance in Captain America: Civil War. Not to mention, pretty much everyone else (no matter how small part they received in the trailer) seemed to fit in this film universe. For example, Parker’s friend in the film (played by Jacob Batalon) seemed to be a good addition.
  2. The lighthearted tone. No Spider-Man film would feel right without a jovial atmosphere, this feels like it will be a fun and entertaining film.
  3. Tony Stark as a fatherly figure to Peter Parker. This could turn out to be one of the most entertaining elements about Spider-Man Homecoming, it was certainly the best part of the trailer in my opinion.
  4. The school setting in the film. Though high school and college have been prevalent in previous Spider-Man films, I believe the school will essentially be a character of its own in this film. It’ll be fun to see Parker try to save New York while struggling with Biology…
  5.  As usual with Marvel films, the comedy is top-tier. I loved the scene where Tony Stark “hugged” Parker in the limo, when in reality he was just reaching to open the door. I don’t want any superhero films to be a slog, and from the looks of this trailer, Spider-Man Homecoming will not be.

5 Things I Didn’t Like:

  1. The CGI looked very cheap. One of the most important aspects of any action film is that the scenes look believable, some of the trailer sequences had the quality of a bad Xbox 360 game. Hopefully this problem is cleaned up before the July 17th opening.
  2. I still don’t buy Michael Keaton as a villain. To me, he just doesn’t have a villainous persona. However, he’s an excellent actor, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie.
  3. From the looks of the trailer, there seems to be a lot of moving pieces in place for the film. This is worrisome, because directors and executives can get caught up trying to set up a film franchise, while forgetting to focus on the film they’re working on. Don’t look ahead, focus on the film first!
  4. There weren’t enough negative aspects in the trailer for me to think of five things wrong with it.
  5. See point above.
Here is the domestic trailer (the one I analyzed)!
Here is the international trailer (with more Vulture footage and a couple other scenes):

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