Wonder Woman Trailer #2 Released

Earlier today, Warner Brothers released another trailer for Wonder Woman, and it was glorious.

5 things I liked about the trailer:

  • A couple of the shots were absolutely gorgeous, specifically the opening scene where Diana is standing on a large rock gazing towards the clear blue ocean.
  • There was a nice blend of a serious/uplifting tone in the trailer, hopefully that remains evident in the film.
  • Chris Pine looks like a solid casting choice, he has great comedic timing and I guess he’s a decent actor….
  • The contrast between Wonder Woman’s colorful costume and the bleak darkness of a WWI battle is masterful.
  • Gal Gadot has the sexiest voice of all time.


3 things I didn’t like about the trailer:

  • Near the end of the trailer, it becomes a cgi-fest. If we get another DCEU film where the final third is a cgi-filled mess, audiences and critics will eviscerate the film.
  • There are more than a couple parts of the trailer where slow motion effects are used, hopefully Patty Jenkins (the director) doesn’t use this cheap effect too often.
  • I read reports that Ares(one of Wonder Woman’s greatest villains) was in this trailer, that is not a good thing. Ares would most likely result in a cgi-filled third act, see point one!

Overall, I loved the trailer, but there’s a catch. When I was a younger, more feeble minded man, I used to believe that a good trailer is a sign that the film will turn out to be decent, not anymore. I’m not going to get my hopes up for Wonder Woman, simply because Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad both crushed my faith in humanity. However, that will not affect how I view Wonder Woman. No matter how bad it turns out to be, it should not be judged based on the two films I mentioned above, it should be judged alone. Does that mean we can’t criticize Warner Brothers/Zack Snyder/Patty Jenkins if it turns out to be a failure? No.

Watch the trailer below!



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