Ben Affleck Teases Deathstroke for Batman Film

Ben Affleck tweeted a bombshell yesterday morning with a video of the villain Deathstroke. That more than likely means that Deathstroke is going to be the villain in his solo Batman movie. If this is true, then I’m overjoyed by the news.

Deathstroke in Arrow (They could’ve gone with a cooler mask). Picture via

Batman’s villains are great, but I was getting tired with the same ones being recycled over and over. With a bad Joker performance from Leto in Suicide Squad (willing to give him a few more films to hash things out), I was wishing for a fresh villain to be introduced for the Batman film. It turns out my wish was granted. Deathstroke is the exact villain I wanted DC to pick for Affleck’s Batman movie. He really hasn’t gotten enough screen time other than the TV show Arrow. I loved what I saw from Slade Wilson in that show and I wanted more. Hopefully this isn’t just a scene of him in Justice League that Affleck is promoting. He wouldn’t stand a chance against them in my opinion. I doubt that he would show this just for Justice League. I think that was a move to build up hype for some sort of Batman reveal. Maybe the release date will be revealed later.

I couldn’t have been less interested in the next Batman film before, but now I’m excited for it again. Thank you Ben Affleck.


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