Wonder Woman Trailer Released

Warner Brothers blew me away with the first Wonder Woman trailer they released at Comic-Con. It helped reaffirm the notion that casting Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was the right decision. Although the slight problem of her physique is still prevalent, she played the part well Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The new footage cemented her status as a badass character. 

BADASS. (Movie news.com)

I was worried about the earlier footage that released a few months ago because it looked bleak and hopeless. I expected the World War I scenes to have that feeling, but I didn’t want the normal ones to have it as well. It seems like my concerns were meaningless however, because the tonal changes in the trailer were evident.

The World War I backdrop adds even more intrique to Wonder Woman. There aren’t many films that take place during that time period which makes it more interesting. Add on the fact that it’s a comic book movie woven into that era and you have the pieces to an interesting film.

Chris Pine is in Wonder Woman as well. Meh. (Fanpop.com)

The scene at the ball showed Wonder Woman’s elegance and grace, but when you compare that with the war scenes she’s a totally different character. She’s basically a female version of Bruce Wayne.

Wonder Woman is a fantastic character and I hope DC and Warner Brothers do her character justice (Unlike the joke of a Superman they have now). That film could be their last chance to get their universe back on track (Unless Suicide Squad is great).

If you haven’t seen the Wonder Woman trailer yet, I recommend that you watch it right now. You will not be disappointed.


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