Trailer Thursday: Comic Con Trailer Rankings

This past weekend numerous trailers debuted in San Diego in Comic Con. The main competition was between DC and Marvel, and Warner Bros made a strong push to move away from the debacle that was Batman v Superman, Here are my rankings for best videos that debuted at comic con.

  1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The spinoff of the Harry Potter series is last on my list quite frankly due to lack of interest. I like Eddie Redmayne for his work in The Theory of Everything. I think he is good actor but I am not really sure if he is a block buster star. I see him more as an Independent film star who finds himself at the Academy Awards almost every year. I bet he will do a great job, but people will be going to see the Harry Potter brand not him. As for the trailer, I find it introducing but not must see. This could change but as of now don’t see where the epic action sequences would occur that usually happen in blockbuster films.

Is Eddie Redmayne a A-List Star? (
  1. Suicide Squad

Yes I am also surprised that Suicide squad is so low on my list. Let me explain why. I believe that this movie will be a hit and is also competing with Deadpool for best marketed film in recent memory. Every trailer has been amazing and so far the press tour has been excellent. I like every single aspect of the movie that ive seen so far. Great actors: Jared Leto, Will Smith and Viola Davis. Really Good Actors: Margot Robbie (Going to be a Star if not already) and Cara Delevinge Good Actors: Scott Eastwood and Ike Barinholtz. Really Good Director in David Ayer. Awesome Concept. Awesome characters. Awesome Soundtrack. This movie has all of the makings of a hit. The reason I don’t have this trailer listed higher is because they already have shown so much. Thankfully none of it is in context, but I want be surprised when I watch the movie. Please DC, do not show any more Joker clips. I want to sit back and be amazed every time he is on the big screen.

I am sold DC! Stop showing Joker clips (
  1. Dr. Strange

Was Dr. Strange one of the top trailers at comic con? Probably not. However, it did drastically shift my opinion on the movie. Not as much as another film on my list, but it did get my attention.  I enjoy how they showed so much more of the cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch. There was more Rachel McAdams and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The trailer also made an effort to limit Tilda Swinton and her white washing controversy. I really liked the trailer for two reasons. First, I loved how they used magic in the film. It looks unique and proves that the Marvel Universe is expanding to different dimensions. The second thing I liked was the style. The first trailer looked like a rip off of Inception/Christopher Nolan. The new trailer felt fresh and felt like something I will watch, not only because it is a product of Marvel Studios.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange (


4.The Lego Batman Movie

This trailer reaffirmed my beliefs in this movie similar to Suicide Squad. This movie is going to be great. Will Arnett is great and he proved that in the Lego Movie and this will only build on that. Michael Cera is amazing and loves how they are doing the Batman and Robin relationship. I love how Batman is the irresponsible father. I do not mind that they are implying the running joke that Batman and robin are gay, just surprised. Obviously this is a Warner Bros property, so because Batman had a relationship with Robin in the DCEU and became a murderer afterwards, I am surprised they will risk the assumption that Ben Affleck had a similar relationship with his Robin. I personally am glad they are taking such risks to make the animated movies different and a lot funnier.

  1. Justice League

To keep it short and simple, I liked the trailer. I Loved Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller. I Liked Jason Momoa and Cyborg. Do not trust the film because of Zack Snyder

For more info check out our latest post about 5 things we liked and disliked about the trailer.

Ezra Miller as the Flash brought needed humor to the trailer (
  1. Kong: Skull Island

This was the shocker of comic con. Not only was I not expecting it, but it highly exceeded my expectations. I did not love Godzilla and though this movie would be about the same. Then they would fight in a disappointing movie. My opinion on this movie completely changed. What really surprised me was the cast. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are supposed to be the stars, but it was Sam L. Jackson and john Goodman that stole the show. I cannot believe how invested I was in their conversation, even though it was just a trailer. This movie should be a box office hit and is the second biggest reason Warner Bros stole the show at Comic Con.

The first picture of the cast (
  1. Wonder Woman

WE thought there would be a trailer, and it did not disappoint. The Wonder Woman felt different then the rest of the DC Films. While watching, you can feel a sense of hope and optimism. This movie appears to bring all of the attributes Man of Steel lacked. Obliviously, this films carries unique weight because it is the first superhero movie with a female lead. That is made very clear in the trailer but it does not define it. This movie is built for all audiences and will not tear people apart like Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters got a bad rap because of the cast which was incredibly unfair. Wonder Woman has a different vibe of bringing people together and showing what women are capable for, and for that reason Wonder Woman won Comic Con.

We see Wonder Woman fighting on the World War I battlefields (



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