5 Things I Loved/5 Things I Hated About The Justice League Footage

What I loved about the Justice League Footage:

  1. There were more fun/creative sequences in this two minute trailer, than in all of Batman v Superman.
  2. I’m already sold on Ezra Miller as Flash, he was that good.
  3. Bruce Wayne looks great with a beard, I think it perfectly fits the character.
  4. No Superman. Honestly, if they plan on doing the Injustice story line, they should go all in and keep supes away from the first Justice League film. If they aren’t doing the Injustice story line, then it would still be nice to have the league get their butt kicked before getting saved by Superman.
  5. Nerdgasm activated: I can’t even comprehend how cool it is that we are finally going to see the Justice League on screen together!

What I hated about the footage:

  1. Cyborg looks like absolute shite. When was he supposed to be a diamond? If I recall, he’s called Cyborg for a reason, and he should look like such.
  2. The choice of music in the trailer (Icky Thump by The White Stripes) irritated me. Why does every trailer have to include rock music nowadays? For example, the Suicide Squad trailers include a heavy dose of Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen). To me, music choices like that seem forced.
  3. I don’t know, I just don’t buy the friendly Bruce Wayne act just yet. I think it will take a lot longer to mend the terrible character changes made in Batman v Superman . This change seems sudden, especially since Batman has always had a reserving personality.
  4. I think Warner Brothers should have waited a couple months before releasing this footage. This feels like Batman v Superman all over again, sooner or later eventually it will be impossible for the film to live up to expectations.
  5. No Superman. I’m sorry, but he’s the leader of the Justice League. I have a feeling that supes will be largely nonexistent in at least the first film, but he shouldn’t be. If Zack Snyder had just refused to have Superman killed off in Batman v Superman, this wouldn’t be an issue.





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