Ghostbusters Reboot Starts Off Strong

I noticed something peculiar on Rotten Tomatoes today. Critics actually like the new Ghostbusters. I was certainly surprised when I saw that. Ghostbusters is certified fresh with a 75% score. I didn’t expect that score at all. Both of the trailers that were released for it were bland and boring. I loved the cast that Feig chose, but I thought they wouldn’t be able to save the film from harsh critique. It seems like I may have been wrong about that. The reboot will always be compared to the originals and I knew it wouldn’t hold a candle to them. Although, I didn’t think it would be reviewed as well as it has.

They’re ready for Slimer’s long awaited return

I actually liked the idea of an all-female Ghostbusters as long as its director made the right cast choices. It seems like Paul Feig chose the right ones. I don’t find Leslie Jones to be that funny on SNL and I’m curious to see if she will break out of that mold in Ghostbusters. Kristen Wiig was great on SNL, but I’ve yet to enjoy a film that she’s starred in (I haven’t seen Bridesmaids yet though). Melissa McCarthy seems like she’s in everything now, but I’ve liked some of her work. Kate McKinnon is the cast member I’m most excited to see in the reboot. She’s extremely talented on SNL and I think that she could have a great career if she plays her cards right.

I had little hope when the news of a reboot of Ghostbusters came out. The original film was a hit and I’m not sure that the new one will replicate the success that the first one had. (On second thought, it definitely won’t be able to because the original set such a high bar). Although it’s Rotten Tomatoes score is a good start to helping reach that goal.

(PSA: the theme is absolute trash. Fall Out Boy can’t replace what Ray Parker Jr brought with his great theme song).




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