Who The Hell Cut The Theatrical Version Of Batman V Superman???

The theatrical version of Batman v Superman was quite frankly a mess. There were so many events in the film that were not given context or explanation, and Batman v Superman was worse for that. After a month or so, WB announced a definitive edition for Batman v Superman that was scheduled for June release. The definitive edition included more special features, an R rating, and thirty more minutes of footage. For a time, I was disgusted that a definitive edition was even thought of. Up until a couple days ago, I didn’t even contemplate watching it. However, my friend invited me to watch it so I said what the heck, I’ll watch it. Here are a couple thoughts I had about the definitive edition:

  1. The film is far more consistent and understandable
  2. It’s astounding that some of the scenes were cut, because a couple were integral in understanding the actions of the characters. Both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s motivations were clear in the definitive edition, that wasn’t the case in the theatrical version.
  3. Why did they cut all of the scenes with detective Clark Kent? It was fun to see him investigate Batman’s trail.
  4. Perry White is still the funniest character that was cast.
  5.  Ben Affleck’s performance was even better the second time.
  6.  The CGI is just as bad in this version…
  7. Finally, even with the added scenes, Batman v Superman is still a miserable and depressing superhero film. It was a lot better than the theatrical cut, but it was still terrible. I hope Snyder keeps Superman out of Justice League, he continues to forget what makes Superman our best superhero.

That’s all I have, I don’t want to think about the failure that is Batman v Superman again. Read my review of the theatrical version if you want to ruin your day: https://4starmovies.wordpress.com/2016/03/26/batman-v-supermandawn-of-zack-snyders-unemployment/

How good was Batman v Superman: The Definitive Edition?

2 out of 4




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