Donald Glover Cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming

With the recent casting of Donald Glover in Spider-Man Homecoming, many fans are wondering what role he will be playing. There is speculation that Glover may be the first to play Miles Morales on the big screen. When Sony decided to reboot the Spider-Man franchise after the disastrous Spider-Man 3, there was a search for the new web slinger. While the studio eventually settled on Andrew Garfield, (who was great but his movies were terrible) others up for the role where Josh Hutcherson and Logan Lerman. Glover was the focus of internet campaign #DonaldForSpiderman in attempt to cast a non-white Spider-Man. The campaign did not get Glover in the movie, but created opportunities for him. He voiced Miles Morales in The Ultimate Spider-Man and has a role in the new feature film.

Could Glover be playing Miles Morales (

Whether or not Miles Morales is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have mixed emotions of him potentially joining now. I think it is a good for Miles Morales to join to the MCU; I don’t want to see it right now. Marvel obviously chose to focus on Peter Parker for Captain America: Civil War and it only makes sense to build on that character. If Morales were to join Spider-Man: Homecoming, I hope it is only a hint or a cameo. We meet the hidden identity, but not the superhero. Then, it can be a reveal in future films when he can come to join Peter Parker. I personally would like them to be from different dimensions and brought together through X-Men: Days of Future past type arc. That is similar to what they did on the television show. Maybe Doctor Octavius creates a portal to another world or something. Another problem is that Glover is more than a decade older than Tom Holland, but that could easily be fixed in the story telling. Miles Morales is supposed to be younger than Peter Parker and becomes Spider-Man after Peter Parker is killed, but Marvel has not always been entirely faithful to the comic books so it may not matter. Maybe in the MCU, to justify his older age, Miles Morales is a scientist for Oscorp and was a test subject of the radioactive spiders and went public with his powers after the emergence of Peter Parker. Again, this is all speculation.

For those who don’t know, the comic books (Ultimate Comic Books: Spiderman) have Morales introduced as a young teenager with similar social life as Peter Parker. What gave his story such an interesting dynamic was that he was a Hispanic-African American which gave different social situations and a new interpretation to the character if was not white. This is very similar to Spider-Gwen which is an identical universe to the traditional one, but instead of Peter Parker it was Gwen Stacy that was bitten by the radioactive spider. Both Parker and Stacy  have genius intellect and would handle the responsibility accordingly. These stories all proved that superheroes can be more than just white males. Where this gets tricky is that Tom Holland was so well received that he can’t be killed off shouldn’t be immediately pushed to the side. Before the release of Captain America: Civil War it was speculated that Robert Downey Jr. is on his way out, though now I’m not as sure. If that were to be true, Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are rivaling to be the face of the MCU alongside Chris Evans in my opinion.

Tom Holland did such a great job as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War (

There is still a possibility that Glover may play another character in the MCU. And if Glover doesn’t play Morales that does not mean Morales isn’t coming to the MCU in the near future. Roles that Glover can play range from J. Jonah Jameson, Venom, Norman Osborne or could be a new role such as a teacher at Peter Parker’s high school. An important part of Peter Parker’s story arc is looking for a father figure and while all signs point to RDJ, Glover could be a tech teacher that Parker really relates to an can trust.

I hope that Glover is playing Miles Morales, but I hope it is just hinted in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As the series develops Morales can become a bigger contributor, and if Glover delivers maybe he can get his own spin-off.


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