The 5 Must-See Movies of June


This month there is a drop-off in movies coming to theaters, but that does not mean that there are bad movies coming out this month. There are no comic book blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse coming out but there are some films that could be hits. I have a feeling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Warcraft will be flops critically but will have a recent box office run. Here are the five films that should perform well at box office and be enjoyable to watch.

Now You See Me 2

Coming out June 10 is the sequel to the surprisingly successful Now You See Me. The movie will focus on Morgan Freeman and newcomer Daniel Radcliffe taking on the 4 Horsemen, a group of magicians who are also criminals. I love the cast in this movie led by Jessie Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo. The supporting cast consists of Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, and Lizzy Caplan. I personally love Eisenberg in this role because it fits his quick witted, condescending attitude that feel out of place in Batman v Superman. He needs a good performance here or else he is in danger of being blacklisted on big budget films.I expect this movie to make viewers think and have great visuals for the magic tricks as the original did.

I feel like this role fits Jessie Eisenberg’s talents better than the part of Lex Luthor did. (

Finding Dory

The highly anticipated and long awaited sequel to the hit Finding Nemo is finally here! This is the movie that could be and probably will the biggest hit of the summer.  The movie follows Dory, voice by Ellen DeGeneres as she goes off to find her family with limited memory. I expect this movie to match and possibly surpass the recent success of Zootopia and hit the billion dollar club. What makes this movie so intriguing is that it may have a Toy Story 3 effect with the audiences. While the movie is aimed toward kids and pre-teens, older audiences, those 13 up will have nostalgia from the original and will want to see it.

My prediction for biggest movie of summer (


Central Intelligence

This is the movie I am most skeptical on this list, but I do have to recognize the potential of this film. Central Intelligence stars the comedic duo of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Bob Stone, played by Johnson, a CIA agent, comes home for his high school reunion and recruits Calvin Joyner, played by Hart, an accountant who he needs to as the comercials say, save the world. Hart has found his place as a comedic talent in the movie business, though I think he is best as the quick-witted sidekick rather than the star. Johnson is now making the move from action star to comedic talent with his anticipated adaptation of Baywatch coming out next year. I expect this movie to either have no or a highly flawed plot, but will have a ton of laughs that will make the in theater experience enjoyable.

Could be a surprise hit as a nice followup to The Nice Guys as a buddy cop film (

Independence Day: Resurgence

Another Highly anticipated sequel is coming out, yet lacks the buzz of Finding Dory. The biggest star from the movie is not returning. While I am not too high on the original Independence Day, Will Smith was the biggest bright spot from the film. It is clear that he is not returning and is killed off. I am confused by this movie and feel like this may be a forced sequel. Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are both returning which is exciting but again is kind of bittersweet without Smith.

I’d say more curiosity than actual excitement for this film (

Free State of Jones

The reason I am interested in this film is because of the shift in Matthew McConaughey’s career. I love that he has evolved into a serious actor because he is very talented. I hate when actors waste their talents in romantic comedies. I feel like Ryan Gosling is making that shift now with The Nice Guys and The Big Short. While I first realized his shift in The Wolf of Wall Street, I was in complete awe of The Dallas Buyers Club. That movie was fantastic and I loved him and Jared Leto’s character transformations. He also impressed me in Interstellar and now I plan on seeing all he serious projects he is attached to.

Serious McConaughey film? I’m in (

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