Assassin’s Creed. Will a Video Game Franchise Finally Translate to the Big Screen?

While I have to admit I do not play the game, I am very familiar with the concept of Assassin’s Creed. The recent trailer has reaffirmed my faith, that this may be the video game franchise that translates to the big screen. I have little to no faith with Angry Birds or Warcraft coming out this summer. I feel like Assassins Creed has a chance because of its mature approach and its outstanding visuals that are seen in the trailer.

For those not familiar, Assassin’s Creed the game follows Desmond Miles whose ancestors were assassins and him working for Abstergo Industries. There, Miles explores the memory of his ancestors and the game play focuses on completing missions.

The trailer caught my attention with the visuals. I like the dark color grading because it gives a mysterious and throwback feel. What feels out of place was the Kanye music. I highly recommend going on YouTube and viewing Vincent Vendetta replace the soundtrack with the music from the game. It feels a lot more fitting and I hope the actual movie uses more appropriate music. As far as the plot, I loved all of the Spanish Inquisition sequences but I am hesitant on the modern day scenes. I understand that the modern day scenes are there to be faithful to the game play and set up future movies. The problem with this is that I hate when films try to set up franchises before they make a good film. Most recently this could be seen in Batman v Superman where subplots are forced in and it hurts the overall film. Another recent example was The Amazing Spiderman 2 trying to force in The Sinister 6. I get that Assassin’s Creed wants to be able to jump time periods because of the technology and have Fassbender’s character Callum Lynch visit his other ancestors, but let’s not jump the shark. If the argument is to remain faithful to the game then that is acceptable, but I do not want hear studios justify their actions by focusing on future films. Playing Devil’s Advocate to the idea that studios should remain faithful to the game, video game movies haven’t really been successful. Maybe you have to break away from the source material.

The visuals are going to be fantastic in this movie (

I am not worried about the cast at all. Michael Fassbender was fantastic as Steve Jobs, and in that review I mentioned that he may be on the verge of becoming a household name. If this movie is a hit I think he gets there. Marion Cotillard is fantastic and I have no reason to believe she will not do a wonderful job, though I know nothing about her character. Jeremy Irons, going to be great as always. Director Justin Kurzel is the key wild card because I only know him for his interpretation for Macbeth. While it was well received by critics, it made only $12.6 million at the box office. I feel like this movie will have no problem at the box office, the issue is the content which is why I am giving Kurzel a chance. Plus, Fassbender, who is also a producer on this film, and Cotillard worked with Kurtzel on Macbeth so they must believe in him to sign on again.

Fassbender killed it as Steve Jobs (

The big thing to watch going forward with this movie is how much they sway from the source material and try to make it appeal to mass audiences. Here is some advice, STAY AWAY FROM KANYE. If you make a good movie people will see it, don’t make a movie that tries to please everyone and the ones you hurt are the devout fans. I have high hopes for this movie and believe it can be the lone survivor of the video game to movie fad.

For those who are fans of the games let us know your reaction to the trailer and see how they compare to those as an outsider like myself.


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