Keanu Review

Keanu is the debut film from the masterminds behind Key and Peele, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Keanu is directed by Peter Atencio, and written by Jordan Peele as well as Alex Rubens.

Keanu is a very funny, albeit somewhat inconsistent film. I laughed throughout the movie, and the action spoof aspect of the film kept me interested even when it wasn’t funny. Key and Peele made the transition from t.v to film seem effortless in Keanu. When I watch a comedy I expect to laugh, and Keanu did not disappoint. There were some truly hilarious scenes in Keanu. I won’t go into too much detail, but lets just say that ANYONE can enjoy George Michael’s music.

Atencio (who directed Key and Peele) does an admirable job with his first big screen attempt. Stylistically, Keanu looked very much like a Key and Peele episode, and the film benefits from that treatment. A lot of Atencio’s shots lampoon the action movie genre and his direction was skillful. Although I will admit, Keanu isn’t exactly the most difficult film to capture.

This guy and his friend both have a lot of potential

Keegan-Michael Key really steals the show in Keanu. His energy is infectious, and a lot of his mannerisms are just flat out hilarious. Key has an arsenal of facial expressions that can make any situation funny, and he uses them to his advantage throughout Keanu. Key also has major vocal range, he can change the pitch of his voice instantly. Unfortunately, Jordan Peele does not have quite the range. Peele had his moments in Keanu, but he doesn’t have the charisma to match Keegan-Michael Key. I got the feeling that Peele was outshined by Key throughout the film. Peele doesn’t have the range that Key has, but I still believe Peele has a future in film. Peele was actually quite good in Keanu, but he was overshadowed by Key. I’m not worried about Peele, he’s very funny and worst case scenario he can just be a full scale comedy writer if acting doesn’t pan out.

Though Keanu was a very funny film, it was not perfect. Some of the running jokes eventually wear thin, and the premise of the film can only prop it up to a point. While I do love Key and Peele, I want the duo to try something a little less sketch-like next time. That’s the thing about Keanu, it felt like a 90 minute sketch. Minor annoyances aside, Keanu was still hilarious and you should go see it if possible.

*Side note* After watching Keanu, I now know that just about anyone can appreciate a cute kitten. Every character in the film falls in love with the adorable cat named Keanu. Even the blips (those that couldn’t make the bloods or crips) couldn’t resist Kianu’s cuteness.

Keanu was an incredibly fun film, but it wasn’t a perfect one. It’s the best comedy in theaters right now, you guys should see it. I give Keanu 3 out of 4 stars

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