Preview for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


It is finally here, we made it to Batman v Superman week. This is not a review because I have not seen the film yet. Expect a review by the end of opening weekend depending on whether I chose to see the film twice before a review. While fans are hiding from potential spoilers all week, this post serves as a preview for the movie.

Since the news broke that the caped crusader would be making his debut in Zack Snyder’s DC Universe I have been cautiously optimistic. First and foremost, I was worried that DC is jumping the shark and should instead develop Superman more with another solo film. The trailers and synopsis were revealed, this fear has lessened because of how they are blending Batman v Superman with Man of Steel.

I’ll admit my rating for Man of Steel is very confusing. The movie as a whole gets a 2/4 stars. I hated both the beginning and the end of the movie, yet loved the middle. I strongly believe the Krypton opening should have been cut, and incorporated in a series of flashbacks as Clark Kent first meets his father, Jor-El. Not only did the scene over rely on CGI, but it also was too similar to the opening of the Christopher Reeve adaptation. The ending speaks for its self, too much damage. I care more about the damage and killing of innocent civilians than the killing of Zod. The film should have focused more on Clark Kent’s struggle to find his place in modern day society.

90% of the Krypton footage should have been cut, and the remaining should have been inserted into flashbacks

I feel like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice should model the middle portion of Man of Steel and the changes should be made to the opening and closing act.

The changes he should focus on making is avoiding the over use of CGI. What made the Smallville battle so convincing was the use of practical effects. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out the behind the scenes on YouTube. The Metropolis battle abandons that and is just too farfetched to get emotionally invested in. I don’t want the studio to underestimate the fan base. They don’t want just flashy fight scenes and great special effects. They care just as much about who the characters are and why they are fighting.

My next biggest concern also focuses on the director. I will give credit when credit is due; Zack Snyder is one of the best in Hollywood at live action scenes. However, his style doesn’t exactly consist of the best dialogue between characters. I feel that Ben Affleck is going to have to carry a lot of the weight in this specific area. Amy Adams and Jeremy Irons are great, but from what I’ve heard they have limited roles in the film. The best example of this is Henry Cavill’s line “the bat is dead, burry it” which falls flat for me. I do not blame Henry Cavill because he has proven to me that he is a serviceable actor. He is the lowest between Affleck, Irons, Adams, Eisenberg, and Laurence Fishburne. Despite this, Cavill is fine. Instead I blame Zach Snyder because it feels like a reoccurring theme in his movies. If too many important lines in the film fall flat, it will defiantly tune out viewers.

Man I hated this line, but Batfleck saved the scene with “Do you Bleed?”

Henry Cavill’s acting ability is the final concern for me. While I have no problem with the actor, I’m just worried he is in a position to fail. As seen in The Man from UNCLE, Cavill’s strongest skill is ability is his slightly vulgar humor. He is a really funny guy as also shown in his interviews. My problem is that the Son of Krypton appears to have a Boy Scout type of humor, whereas Cavill would make more sense as a James Bond. I have no problem with Cavill being Superman, but it is concerning if he isn’t allowed to use his strongest skill.

I have no doubt Ben Affleck will rise to the occasion as Batman. He

How do I expect the film to turn out? Going in I am expecting a slightly above average grade. I have enough faith in this cast to make it an improvement over the Man of Steel. Key features I am looking for are that does the film feel too long, are characters relatable/likable, and that does the film feel forced? Do Batman and Wonder Woman belong here? I have no doubt Snyder will create some of the best visuals ever, but I don’t want a film that’s just entertaining. Leave that to Deadpool. I want a film that makes one think and sends a broader message. This film is about Batman and Superman, and these characters deserve better.




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