Avert Your Eyes, Spidey’s Suit is Here

What is this suit? Pretty cool shot though.

The 2nd trailer for Captain America: Civil War came out this morning and it was great…. Until the end. I loved every second of the trailer until Spider-man showed up (I really shouldn’t be saying that because it’s Spider-man, but they messed him up).

I have faith that this will be a worthy addition to the Marvel universe, especially because the Russo brother’s are directing it. Coming off the surprising Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel chose to go with the hot hand and keep the Russo Bro’s for Civil War.

I’d like to ask Spider Man to shoot web into my eyes so that I can’t see that crappy costume anymore. Seriously, every time I rewind to watch his part years are taken off my life. They definitely overused cgi for his suit. It’s the worst suit that Spider Man has ever worn in film. Hopefully it will look better when the film comes out in May.

I was skeptical of the news that Marvel picked Tom Holland for Spider Man at first, but now I’m actually worried. His only dialogue in the trailer was “hey everyone”. Wow, that is definitely what Spider-man would say when he first meets Marvel’s superheroes…. Not a great start for Spidey’s sake, Marvel.

Tom Holland (aka not Tobey Maguire)

Other than the bad start for Spidey, I really liked what I saw in the trailer. Every other scene was sweet. Black Panther was awesome and I’m starting to think about joining #TeamIronMan because of him.


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