First Ghostbusters Trailer Released

The first trailer for the sequel of Ghostbusters came out today… wait I thought it was a reboot? Apparently it’s a sequel because it directly mentions the original Ghostbusters film which came out in 1984. It also has one of the ghosts from the original movie in this one (which I think is absolutely stupid). Why not create new, cool ghosts for the audience to enjoy? Instead they are choosing to bring back some of the classic ghosts, which is kind of lazy. I know Slimer is an awesome ghost, but don’t overuse him.

I really like the cast (not Leslie Jones though). 3 out of the 4 cast members have been on the cast of SNL, which should prove dividends for the comedy of the film. Even though Leslie Jones is currently on the cast of SNL, I just do not find her funny AT ALL. I just don’t find her style of comedy funny. It seems like all she does on SNL is scream. She didn’t have any funny moments in the trailer.


The cgi of the ghosts also only looks a little better than the cgi the original Ghostbusters movie used. I don’t like the blue color of the ghosts, they just don’t look very spooky. I probably shouldn’t judge it yet because they still have time to refine the effects and look of the film. This trailer made me more pessimistic about the film than I was before.

Slimer is perfectly content with staying put in the original Ghostbusters film.

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