Still Waiting for Rogue One Trailer


Ever since I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I have spent every morning checking for a Rogue One trailer. And every day, the same thing, nothing.
My reaction when I don’t see a new Rouge One trailer

We all know Star Wars and Lucas Film love to keep everything top secret, but I was foolish enough to believe Rouge One would be different. What was originally called the first installment of the Anthology Films, it later changed to its current same A Star Wars Story.

Being basically a spin off film, fans are wondering how unique the film will be and how will it connect to the galaxy that is far, far, away.

There are 3 Main Factors that will define the movie

  1. Fighting Sequences

This time period, pre A New Hope, is a time of rebellion and hostile warfare.  How graphic will the fight scenes be?  As Obi Wan said in Episode IV, “the lightsaber is a more elegant weapon” and that it “is not as crazy or random as a blaster.” The prequel trilogy showed us the elegance and beauty of the sword play, but this time will we see the brutality of war. We saw blood for the first time in Episode VII so is that just opening the door for realistic deaths and wartime injuries?

Rogue One appears to have a darker tone
  1. Vader

This is going to be the selling point of the marketing point of the movie, see Darth Vader in his prime. I compare this to Suicide Squad as the Joker keeps getting teased in the trailers. Everyone is going to the theaters to see the Joker in the Suicide Squad but realistically, he will have limited scenes, yet will steal them all. The Joker is going to represent the bigger picture in the DC universe and I think Vader will have the same role. He will connect the main films to this spin off. I hope I am wrong, but I believe that this will happen.

Going back to the selling point, WE GET TO SEE DARTH FREAKING VADER IN HIS PRIME.  It has been reported that we get to see Vader in action, and like we assumed he isn’t a nice guy. We get Vader who has literally nothing to live for other than his lust for power. He is going to be more barbaric because there is nothing holding him back. In the prequels we see Anakin filled with anger, but does his best to control it for Padmae. In the Original Trilogy we don’t see his best against Luke because he is trying to recruit him to the dark side. Now, he won’t hesitate for anything.

This film should be give an answer to a question what power, or restrictions does Vader’s suit give him. How agile will he be? Is he slow in the Originals because he is old or is he a robot?

I think Vader will have a Joker like role in Rogue One
  1. Felicity Jones

Other than Vader, this is the biggest selling point for the movie. Two years after her wonderful appearance in The Theory of Time, Felicity Jones is the most recognized star to ever join the Star Wars universe (Aside from Samuel L. Jackson who had a glorified cameo.) Others have excelled after or because of Star Wars but not before it. As said before Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t the first name on the credits list. I was really impressed by her performance in the Stephen Hawking biopic. She had a great presence throughout the film as a really strong emotional character. Despite the difficult challenges she fought as Hawkins wife, she remained committed and supportive him. Because Jones so convincingly portrayed a character with a combination of strength and compassion, I believe those qualities should transfer well for a heroine in a combat role.

Article Lead - wide6520533512tkufimage.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.12tkrb.png1422433314437.jpg-620x349
Very Impressed with Felicity Jones in The Theory of Everything

I am most interested in her accent, which may or may not be revealed in the trailers. I really hope they don’t reveal it. So far, despite casting a large number of actors from Britain, only Obi Wan and Rey are the only characters to have British accents in Star Wars. This is one of the numerous reasons I believe that they are related, and Felicity Jones could either confirm or destroy my theory. If she keeps her accent and it is revealed she is not the mother,and/or she simply dies, then my theory is deader than Han Solo.

The accent relates to my original question. How much will this film connect to the rest of the universe? While rumors about Hayden Christensen are spreading like wildfire, I think a Ewan McGregor appearance makes more sense and could tease his return for the Kenobi Solo film(s).


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