Deadpool: Exactly what the Fans were hoping for.

The most surprising thing about the Deadpool movie is the hype surrounding it. People want to, and have seen this movie. This is shocking for various reasons such as; the male lead is a pretty boy who hasn’t had a hit in years, said Hollywood pretty boy has had multiple failed experiences with comic book movies, this dude even made a dud staring as the same exact character years ago. Seriously, people would be boycotting if Ben Affleck was cast as Daredevil again in the Netflix show. Other than Ryan Reynolds there were a few concerns with the studio. It was a questionable decision to make an R rated comic book movie, and a Valentines Day release date, which is usually when studios dump projects they don’t have faith in.

Man, was I wrong.

Everything the film tried delivered which is a product of Reynolds’s dedication to the project and creating one of the best advertising campaigns I have ever seen. Most lead actors don’t put in the effort to star in so many commercials and be a walking billboard for the project.

But what made the film so unique and fun to watch is the ability of the film to make fun of itself. From budget, X-Men, and Reynolds himself the film appears as a superhero parody filmed with countless improvised lines.  With all major studios hoping to capitalize on the superhero phase, it is fun to sit back and watch Deadpool point out clichés and flaws of all those movies. These are comic book movies; they don’t have to be too serious.

As for the cast, I think all major roles were done well. Ryan Reynolds and female lead Morena Baccarin were exceptional. The two were basically playing the same exact character, except one of them has superpowers. A surprise performer was T.J. Miller(Silicon Valley) who played Wade Wilson’s bartending friend. Each of the three main characters had serious flaws, which made them more likable. They were not Utopian like heroes like Captain America or Superman where everything they do is for others. It’s nice to see the flip side and see characters who are completely selfish. As the movie states, these heroes are not good guys, but there are worse guys. Jumping around a little bit, but this should be a VERY good sign for Suicide Squad.

Despite having budget issues, the action sequences were phenomenal

While limited, it is important to point out the flaws in the movie. I liked Ajax, the main villain, but I thought Ed Skrein could have had a better performance. I am mixed on this because maybe they wanted a wooden performance to make fun of the typical cliché villain. Not sure what they were going for there. The biggest issue I had with the movie was the jokes. I thought the movie did a really good job making the movie enjoyable for male and female viewers. There was a love arch but it didn’t feel forced to appeal to female viewers. It felt like the writers acknowledged that Deadpool has a strong female fan base and made the movie for their enjoy ability. There were two jokes though that rubbed me the wrong way. One was “I know what you are thinking; your boyfriend told you this was a … type of movie.” That joke kind of rubbed me the wrong way by saying females wouldn’t go see the movie on their own. The other joke was about how kidnapping is used to impress a girl. While harmless, movies like Taken and basically human trafficking in general rub me the wrong way.

In no way though should viewers be outraged and boycott the movie, just a few jokes fell flat. The problem with Deadpool, and this is a good thing, literally takes a home run swing in every scene and those two jokes are the only times the content falls flat.

Overall the film has structure and character development flaws, but it doesn’t really matter. The movie wasn’t made to receive awards or receive acclaim, ironically it has, but the movie is made to simply entertain. And the movie does exactly that.

Good job Deadpool, you proved a lot of people wrong

3.25/4 Stars






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