The Boy Review

Set somewhere in England, in the classic horror movie billion-square-foot mansion in the middle of the woods, The Boy is a thrilling portrayal of yet another possessed doll and its crazy ceramic actions. Lauren Cohan, an actress most well known for her role as Maggie on The Walking Dead, stars as Greta Evans, a troubled young woman with a dark past, who comes to England in search of a fresh start. She accepts a job at the Heelshire Mansion to babysit Brahms, the boy. Upon arrival she learns Brahms is a doll, yet accepts the job anyway. The Heelshire couple leave her to her duties with a strict and extensive list of rules and routines, but like any normal person, Greta disregards the doll- excuse me, Brahms, and goes about her own routine, though quickly learning that Brahms isn’t as inanimate as she imagined. 
Co-starring as Malcolm, the handsome grocery boy, Rupert Evans plays Greta’s right-hand psycho and together they both start to witness Brahms’ capabilities. 
Finally when all seems right in the film, Greta’s past comes back to haunt her which causes the movie to take a turn for the worse. 
Both Cohan and Evans portray their characters very well in this modern day horror flick, adding their own flare to otherwise bland and predictable characters. Director William Brent Bell molded a relatively satisfactory film, including good cinematic techniques that had viewers on edge for a good part of the movie. 
Although entertaining, The Boy was predictable. Including the classic scary movie kicks, there were some things you knew were going to happen, no matter what. It was almost hard to be scared in some parts because the characters were so dumb you just had to laugh. Yeah, go in the attic, nothing bad ever happens in the attic. 
It’s hard to find a horror movie that hasn’t already been done many times prior, and The Boy falls into that category, but it also has its own entertaining twists. I enjoyed it and would give it two stars. I recommend going to see it, but bring a friend, nothing’s worse than going to a horror movie and having to cry to yourself. 


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