Final Batman v Superman Trailer Released

The final trailer for Batman vs Superman was released yesterday. I think that it is, without question, the best one that Warner Bros released. I didn’t like how much material they showed in the previous trailer and that was not the case with this one. It was short and sweet.

I absolutely loved the opening scene in the trailer. What a badass Batman scene to showcase that Batfleck is going to kick ass in the film. I had no problems with him when he was cast as long as he gained muscle and he definitely has. In that first scene the  choreography looked better than what was in the Dark Knight trilogy. It is only one scene though, so that judgement shouldn’t be made yet. It looked like something out of the Arkham games.

I only had a few problems with the trailer. I didn’t like that Batman was able to block Superman’s punch. It didn’t look like he had Kryptonite, so I thought that it was dumb that he was able to do that. I’m definitely pro-Superman so that annoyed me a lot. The other problem with the trailer was the choice of music. Compared to the other trailers’ music, this one was crappy. It didn’t fit well with the scenes at all.

Overall, I was very pleased with how the final trailer turned out. I wish that this was the trailer Snyder used on Conan. The one that Snyder chose to use on Conan showed WAY too much material from the film. After watching the final trailer, I am definitely pumped to see Batman vs Superman next month. #TeamSuperman


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