Jason Bourne(2016) Teaser Released

Mark Watney is back from Mars and he’s going to get revenge on those who left him for dead! Oh wait, that’s wrong. Let me give this another try, Jason Bourne is back and this time, it’s personal(again).

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

So during Super Bowl 50, Universal Pictures released a teaser trailer for Jason Bourne, an upcoming spy-thriller starring Matt Damon.  I absolutely looooooved the teaser. It was concise, action-packed, and nostalgic. The Bourne teaser accomplished exactly what a teaser should. It gave us a quick look at the upcoming film, but it didn’t reveal too much information. If you watch the teaser, the film seems to be darker than the first three. Some people might be put off by this potential change, but I think it’s a good idea. If Jason Bourne is the first of a couple new films for the franchise, then it would be wise to continue the franchise with a dark beginning. Sometimes a darker tone can increase the sense of urgency in a film. Urgency can definitely make a film more suspenseful, so I’m on board with this.

I have to say though, I despise the title of the film. After all the years we waited for another good(sorry Jeremy Renner) Bourne film, we get Jason Bourne as the title? I was ready for something like The Bourne Equilibrium,  or maybe The Bourne Betrayal. Yes technically Jason Bourne is a semi-reboot, but the most recent Matt Damon Bourne film was only released 9 years ago.

Here’s the teaser: https://youtu.be/_gBnmKOixDM

Despite my one problem with the teaser, I am very excited for Jason Bourne. Jason Bourne is directed by Paul Greengrass, and it is slated for release on July 29th, 2016. If you love movies, please follow us on Twitter/Email/Wordpress for the latest updates!


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