Daddy’s Home Review. WHY WASN’T THIS OTHER GUYS 2!!!


I know it’s late but recently to get out of the house I went to see Daddy’s Home. The Holiday comedy gained my interest because of the dynamic duo between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Personally, I think Wahlberg has the best chemistry with Ferrell with John C Reilly coming in a close second.The movie had major flaws that hurt its score. While main actors and general outline were fine, plot points felt either out of place or completely unnecessary.

Overall I like the premise but I think everyone in the theater would agree that they would rather be watching The Other Guys 2. A step dad who badly wants to connect with his kids is cliché but the writers did a good job making fun of that overplayed scenario. Wahlberg’s character Dusty adds an interesting twist as their birth father returns and wants to be a part of his children’s  lives.Their back and forth makes the movie somewhat enjoyable, and is defiantly the strongest factor in the film. Ferrells wife in the film Linda Cardwllini was a surprise performer along with average performance from the kids. Hannibal Buress was clever twist in the film and was a fantastic casting.

One scene that drives me crazy is the skateboarding scene. I won’t spoil anything but a lot was revealed in the trailers. I get the point that is trying to be made that the dads are trying to one-up each other, but the bedtime stories already cover that. The scene is one of those is so hard to watch that you want to walk out of the theater. Will Ferrell on the motor cycle had a similar effect on me. Disclaimer: I am a college student with a minimum wage job so there is no way I am walking out of a $12 movie. It’s just an expression.  I would walk of Pixels though, no joke.

The bedtime stories scene felt sincere and made the point of their competition. The  action sequences on motorcycles and skateboards feel overdone and take away from the story

Like that scene, many parts felt too corny, or as I like to say consisted of lazy writing. While I didn’t mind Thomas Haden Church’s character, I hate him as an actor. While I thought he was OK in Spiderman 3, he has become unwatchable. Between this and Max that came out this year have no idea how he keeps getting decent roles. Man that guy just rubs me the wrong way.

Finally, what I think the biggest flaw of the movie is its direction or intended audience. Is this a kid’s movie or a tween movie? I feel the intention was to make a pre-teen movie that had jokes for adults. If so that is a mistake and pray it does not become a trend for Ferrell. The same idea killed Adam Sandler’s career. A lot of the best jokes were meant for mature audiences so I don’t know if kids will enjoy this movie. I defiantly feel a lot of parents will walk out of theaters thinking what I just showed my kids. There is nothing potentially emotionally scaring, but public intoxication and certain sexual references just are a little inappropriate. Put it this way, the movie comes close to the line for children under 13.

So, based on what I told you, the consensus would be that this is a teenage movie, but the themes are directed at the children so it is kind of confusing. Due to unnecessary scenes and unclear direction I give the movie Daddy’s Home 1.5/4 Stars. I do not recommend you see the movie the remaining weeks its left in theaters. Once it hits home video,red-box,or on demand it is still not must watch but could be a decent afternoon movie to kill time.


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