Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Films

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors of all time.  It’s hard to believe that he hasn’t won any Oscars yet with plenty amazing films on his resume. Since The Revenant opens nationwide January 8th, I thought it would be fun to make a top 5 list of DiCaprio’s best films. This list will be limited to the Leo movies that I have seen so far. So films like The Aviator, Titanic, and The Wolf of Wall Street won’t be on it.

#5 Catch Me if You Can


        This is a film that I will always love. It has two of my favorite actors in it (Leo and Tom Hanks) and it’s directed by Steven Spielberg. Hanks is a bank-fraud agent who is tasked with catching a teenage con artist named Frank Abagnale. Leo plays Abagnale and he fits him perfectly. At age 18 Abignale was able to become a pilot, teaching assistant, doctor and an attorney. it’s hard to believe that this was based off of a true story. Leo gives one of the best performances of his career in this film. if it weren’t for Hanks playing alongside him, I’d say he may have gotten his first Oscar from this film.

#4 Django Unchained


          Although DiCaprio wasn’t the main actor in this revenge flick from Quentin Tarantino, he still performed better than any of the leads. Cristoph Waltz was a close second though. He played the villainous slave owner in Django and he played the part really well. The fact that DiCaprio actually cut his hand open while filming the dinner scene and finished the shot was astounding. I felt Django was about 30 minutes too long so it isn’t going any higher on this list. Leo’s work in his role is the only reason that this film is on this list.

#3 Shutter Island


        Shutter Island is definitely one of Scorsese’s best 21st Century movies. Shutter Island is a complex, puzzling, thriller which requires a second viewing. DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo have great chemistry in this psychological-thriller. I loved this movie when I first saw it and I still love it even after multiple viewings. It kept me guessing from start to finish. The twist in the end involving Leo’s character made it all better(even though my friend spoiled it for me before my first viewing). DiCaprio’s performance in this film was great. He always seems to do well in Scorsese films and this one is no exception.

#2 Inception


        Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan; is a masterpiece. In my opinion this is a very close second to #1 on this list. Since Inception is an extremely confusing film, I won’t detail the plot. Leo plays a man named Dominic Cobb, whose job is to extract sub-conscious secrets from high value interests.  Of course Leo plays his character perfectly. With the death of his wife haunting his dreams, Dom has to confront her and the scene in the hotel room where he does it is golden. DiCaprio is perfect for the role because Dom is a very complex character that required a nuanced performance.

#1 The Departed


        As you can see, I have The Departed #1 on my top 5 list of Leonardo DiCaprio movies. Leo’s performance in this film is INCREDIBLE. Most of the performances by the surrounding actors in it are as well. The whole cast is amazing. Although I hated how abrupt the final twist was that didn’t take anything away from the casts’ performance as a whole. I believe that this film is Leonardo DiCaprio’s finest acting performance of his career so far. I really felt for him throughout his struggle as an undercover cop in the Boston mob. DiCaprio perfectly conveyed the struggle to stay calm and collected while undercover, this is his finest performance to date.


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