Spectre Review

In what could be Daniel Craig’s last Bond film, he goes out with a bang. This film’s formula is closer to the older Bond formula (90’s Bond film with Pierce Brosnan). I did not enjoy the last two James Bond movies much at all. Skyfall and Quantum of Solace were not good films. I believe that Spectre was the best Bond film that Daniel Craig has played Bond in.
Spectre is a better film than its predecessors in that it wasn’t as heavy on dialogue and exposition as the previous two films were. That was a welcome addition in my opinion because I don’t really think that Bond films are supposed to be heavy on story. Skyfall and Quantum of Solace were also much darker than Spectre was.

Spectre seemed to have a lighter tone than Skyfall. Craig cracked more jokes and had more quips which I thought was missing in his earlier films. It was nice to see that they tried to incorporate those into the writing.
The set pieces in Spectre were amazing. The opening scene was set in Mexico on the Day of the Dead. It was very entertaining and visually breathtaking. Everyone was in masks, so it made it more tense because the villain could be hiding anywhere. The scene ended with a thrilling fight in a helicopter in midair over all of the civilians in the festivities. It was a great scene, although I liked the opening scene in Skyfall better.

The performances in Spectre were solid. Daniel Craig played a good Bond once again, but I liked Spectre’s version of him the best compared to the others. As I said before, his quips and retorts were a good addition to the dialogue. It was nice to see that change to the script. While not at the Brosnan amount (NEED HIS QUIPS AGAIN), Craig handled his dialogue nicely. The main villain was played by Christoph Waltz, who I thought did a good job as the villain. I love him as an actor. Dave Bautista basically played Waltz’s henchman. He was great in the role. He and Bond had some great scenes together including a fight scene and awesome car chase.

I did have a few problems with this movie though. I thought that Christoph Waltz was good but they didn’t write his character as well as they could have. He seemed to be bogged down by the writing. He didn’t seem to take full command of the role as I thought he would have, but I blame the writers for the script he was given. They also didn’t really give a reason for him to be doing all of those horrible things to Bond. He just did them without reasoning it. That is a major flaw and one I remember happening in Skyfall as well.

Spectre was an exciting edition to the 007 franchise. I liked it more than any other of Daniel Craig’s Bond films, which I have not been fond of. I’d take Pierce Brosnan any day over Craig but that is beside the point. Spectre was a thrill ride from start to finish and I recommend that you watch it. I give it a 3 out of 4.


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