Top 5 Essential James Bond Films.

Statistical analysis suggests that these men have slept with 23% of the female population.
Statistical analysis suggests that these men have slept with 23% of the female population.

James Bond has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with movie audiences over the years. That relationship has not been perfect, i.e Quantam of Solace or A View to a Kill. Of course there’s been some rough outings, but overall Agent 007 has largely completed his mission to entertain. With Spectre about to release, I think it’s about time to release a list, my top 5 essential Bond films of all time.


        5. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

        The Spy Who Loved Me is by far Roger Moore’s best outing as James Bond. It had everything that you could want in a Bond movie. To start off, there’s an incredible ski sequence that showcases some pretty damn good choreography and stunts. Opening sequences are always a specialty for James Bond movies and the one in this movie is no different. My favorite aspect of this movie is Jaws(The henchman). I mean, what a memorable villain.

This is the movie that put James Bond back into the spotlight.
This is the movie that put James Bond back into the spotlight.

4. Goldeneye (1995)

        Where do I start? Goldeneye has awesome set pieces, two great villains, Pierce Brosnan at the top of his game, and a pretty damn good soundtrack to top it all off. Eric Sierra really did a good job with the OST, and Tina Turner sang one of the best opening themes in Bond history. Xenia Onatopp is an amazing Bond girl, and she always did enjoy a good squeeze. I loved the script in Goldeneye, there were so many one liners. My favorite line is near the end, when Trevelyan asks, “For England James?” to which Bond responds, “No, for me”(Dropping Trevelyan to his death).

3. The World Is Not Enough(1999)

        Don’t kill me on this one, I really think that The World Is Not Enough is an exceptional James Bond film. The stunts are incredible, the villain is interesting, and as usual the soundtrack is great. As you can see, Pierce Brosnan is far and away my favorite choice to play Bond. To me, Brosnan was the funniest and most cunning of all Bonds, but he could also kick some ass whenever he needed to. TWINE has 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 6.4/10 on IMDB, those are underwhelming scores. To be fair, Roger Ebert gave the film a 3.5/4. In his review, Ebert said that TWINE “is a splendid comic thriller, exciting and graceful, endlessly inventive.” I truly think the movie gets a bad rap, and clearly Ebert agrees with me.

2. Dr. No (1962)

        This is the first James Bond film ever made, and it began what would be an incredibly influential film franchise. This movie started it all. Dr. No was an incredibly stylistic movie for its time. “Bond, James Bond” is one of the most well known pieces of dialogue in film history. Of course Sean Connery was not going to be the perfect Bond until Goldfinger , but he did an excellent job in his first outing. He was the first James Bond, and Connery has a special place in audiences hearts because of it.

1. Goldfinger (1964)

        In the end, did you expect anything different? This is the quintessential James Bond film, It took everything Dr. No did well and perfected it. Goldfinger has an excellent story, villain, and even Pussy Galore. What an infamous Bond girl, Pussy Galore is even more of a Bond girl than Xenia Onatopp, and I love me some Onatopp. Not only that, Goldfinger has the greatest supporting villain of all time, Oddjob. Armed with the deadliest hat in film history, Oddjob was the perfect, fun Bond villain. Oddjob is also the cheapest character to use in 007 Goldeneye on the N64, so that adds to his villainy. What an excellent film.


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