Steve Jobs Review


If you haven’t seen Steve Jobs yet, and based on opening Box Office you haven’t, it is the must see movie in theaters right now. After watching Jobs in 2013, I thought the movie was decwnt and something special, but the 2015 adaption starring Michael Fassbender blows it away. The new version does the impossible by turning a god-like figure (Kutcher) into an unlikable ass. Jobs is accurately portrayed as the rude, vulgar, and egotistical front man that many of his subornments despised. However, he proves to be the genius we all know and love. Jobs is the most complex character I have witnessed on the big screen for a while. He is the ultimate perfectionist.  You keep thinking, why am I rooting for this guy. He won’t even acknowledge his daughter as his own.  The cast is PHENOMENAL. Fassbender has to be on the verge of A-lister for this Oscar worthy roll. Due to Steve Jobs and the hype around the upcoming Macbeth movie, he could make the later career jump to stardom we are currently witnessing with Bradley Cooper. Kate Winslet. Wow. Besides the Reader, this is the best I’ve seen her. She portrays Joanna Hoffman, Jobs’ assistant who babysits the erratic Jobs throughout the film. Jeff Daniels is the antagonist in the movie, but as the film develops we learn he shouldn’t only be known as the fool who fired Steve Jobs. (Spoiler?)Here is the weird part of the movie Woz, played by Seth Rogen isn’t funny. He isn’t even Jobs’ friend in the movie which is odd because of Wozniak’s involvement and approval of the film and that’s how he wants to document his relationship with the late Steve Jobs. If this movie is so great, why was it a box office flop? I think two reasons, the inaccurate Kutcher portrayal and the casting. As great as Fassbender is, he was not a top choice for the role. Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale both dropped out of the lead role before the film went into production.  If those established actors would have been cast, the film would have matched its $30 million budget instead of the disappointing $7 mil. Fassbender has yet to establish himself as a box office star, but this film should change that. Hopefully, word spreads and the movie will recover at the box office, but if not, when the movie reaches homes, they will be blown away by the performance of the year. The Film gets a 3.75/4 in my book.


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