Batman v. Superman budget estimated at 410$ million.


According to various media outlets, Batman v. Superman accrued a budget of 410$ million. Obviously, DC is going all in with this movie. After the financial and critical failure: Man of Steel, DC figured that they had to do something big with their next comic book movie, and the size of the budget clearly shows that they have a lot invested in the success of this movie.

In order for Batman v. Superman to be considered a success, my guess is it would have to make around 1.5$ billion. For comparison, Avengers had a worldwide gross of 1.5$ billion, with a budget of only 220$ million. In my opinion, Batman v. SupermanĀ has less of an excuse for failure. I say that because while Batman and Superman are by far two of the most popular comic characters of all time, they have never been on the same screen together. The simple fact that both characters will be in the movie should benefit DC regardless of critical response, but that won’t be enough for the film to be considered a success. Hopefully, Zack Snyder can bring us an exhilarating, tense, and satisfying superhero movie that can be the usher in the new DC movie universe.

Random point, I love the way that DC and co. are marketing the movie. Want an example? Visit and witness the future of technology presented by Lex Luthor’s very own, Lexcorp.


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