Bridge of Spies Review

‘Bridge of Spies’ by DreamWorks Studios.
‘Bridge of Spies’ by DreamWorks Studios.

Bridge of Spies is a film that the viewer needs to go into knowing there won’t be much action in it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because director Steven Spielberg handled the slow pace in the film well. Meaning that the slow pace did not hinder the movie for me, you have to expect that a Cold War spy film is going to have a somewhat slow pace. Spielberg has created another hit in his already staggering directorial career. Slow pace gripes aside, I really liked this film.
It was another stellar performance from Tom Hanks. He is A GREAT AMERICAN HERO. Seriously, Tom is amazing and I don’t think I have ever disliked a film with him leading it. He was great in this film even though he was basically playing himself, which I don’t mind but it is a slight criticism of him. Other than that, I was surprised by the amount of comedic writing in this film it was a good addition to the tense parts of the film to loosen up the move.
Mark Rylance’s performance was superb as Ray Donovan’s (played by Hanks) client. He was the Russian spy that Donovan was tasked to defend. They had good chemistry with each other and it showed. I don’t remember seeing any films before with Rylance in it so it was a nice surprise to see him to do so well in his role.
Spielberg really knows how to create a good atmosphere in his films and this movie showcases some of his best work in that area. With the clothing, vehicles and setting he really made it look like they were in that era. I really loved the setting in this film also. The cities they were in were extremely interesting along with the people in it.

The writing in this film was superb, thanks to the Coen brothers. Although I think they can be a little streaky hits-wise. The dialogue between the characters was fantastic throughout the movie. None of the characters seemed miscast either.
I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Spielberg/Hanks mashups. They work great together and it showed. The film can drag at times but it was definitely worth a watch. You can’t go into it thinking it’ll be action-packed, it isn’t. Although it does have its tense moments. I give this film a 3 out of 4.


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