Box Office Monday, The Martian is #1

The Martian and Sicario released last Thursday and shook up the box office numbers for the weekend.

Ridley Scott’s space epic The Martian came out on top for the weekend grossing 54.3 million. SOMEHOW Hotel Transylvania 2 came in second over the far superior Sicario with 33.1 million grossed. Sicario will get the 3rd spot grossing 12.1 million dollars. This definitely surprised me because I thought it would be a battle between The Martian and Sicario for box office dominance of the weekend. I did not expect Hotel Transylvania 2 to beat out Sicario at all. I can’t believe that, but I guess if enough kids tell their parents to watch a certain movie 5-6 times then there will be box office surprises. I haven’t seen The Martian yet but I’ve heard from Fred (co-founder of the blog) that it is pretty good. What I have seen though is Sicario, a film with superb acting and directing go see it if you can. I thought that it would have made closer to 20 or 20 million in its first weekend, but going against The Martian must’ve taken a toll on the gross. With a stellar cast and crew handling The Martian I expected it to take the top spot. I expect Steve Jobs to dethrone its top spot next week.


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