Steve Jobs Review

If you haven’t seen Steve Jobs yet, and based on opening Box Office you haven’t, it is the must see movie in theaters right now. After watching Jobs in 2013, I thought the movie was decwnt and something special, but the 2015 adaption starring Michael Fassbender blows it away. The new version does the impossible … More Steve Jobs Review

Batman v. Superman budget estimated at 410$ million.

According to various media outlets, Batman v. Superman accrued a budget of 410$ million. Obviously, DC is going all in with this movie. After the financial and critical failure: Man of Steel, DC figured that they had to do something big with their next comic book movie, and the size of the budget clearly shows … More Batman v. Superman budget estimated at 410$ million.

The Martian Review

Interstellar 2: Cast Away In Space (The Martian) is a heavily entertaining and most importantly, fun movie. It signals a return to form for Ridley Scott, who has had trouble finding the right note with audiences as of late. I think Scott knew he had to make a crowd pleaser, this movie is just so … More The Martian Review

Sicario Review

Sicario, directed by Denis Vilenueve, is a raw and brutal film that depicts the drug war happening between the U.S and Mexican cartels. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that showcases the problem of drugs in the city of Juarez better than Sicario did. Juarez is one of, if not the most dangerous cities … More Sicario Review