Sam Smith releases his “James Bond” theme “Writing’s on the Wall”

He is focused and ready to write a bad “James Bond” theme.

Acclaimed British musician, Sam Smith, released his own “James Bond” theme for the upcoming 007 film “Spectre”. Smith is an award-winning artist who is about to push his fame to even higher levels. Writing a Bond song can become a very important part of a musician’s career. They only hire the best musicians to write one for their films. There has been some amazing Bond themes over the years such as Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” and Madonna’s “Die Another Day”. “Live and Let Die” is a personal favorite of mine because Paul McCartney was singing it. “Writing’s on the Wall” doesn’t sound like it’s going to be one of the great Bond songs.

I really don’t like this song. It does not fit James Bond at all. It sounds like a love song made for a romantic movie. That is not what a “James Bond” movie is. It is a spy-thriller, packed with amazing action and some love-making on the side. Smith’s song is a little too soft for my taste. By the looks of the trailer the theme doesn’t go with the film at all. It was just a bad decision to choose Sam Smith to write the “Spectre” song. I was hoping the team behind “Spectre” would have chosen a more fitting singer/songwriter for the task.


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