The Night Before Appears Destined to Underperform

This Christmas, Seth Rogen might finally run out of luck. The newly released trailer for The Night Before appears as a let down from the current figure head for comedy. The Adam Sandler era is dead. It’s gone. Happy Gilmore is no longer with us. Will Ferrell on the other hand is still great, don’t take this as an negative towards him, but praise for the bearded Canadian. The hook for Rogen movies was ridiculous situations for incompetent characters which resulted in comedic genius. 50/50 is great. The ability to combine such a delicate topic with witty dialogue transformed the perception of Rogen. That is why I am so conflicted after watching the new trailer. Gordon-Levitt and Rogen were great together along with an underrated Anna Kendrick, at the time. She is a top tier box office now. Who added depth to the movie. The new holiday movie seems too cliché. 3 men. One last hurrah. I mean come on. Besides the Hangover, just the first one, I don’t think I was hyped to watch a boy’s night out movie. The one dude is a football player? Come on, that’s just dumb. Rogen is about to have a baby. Ok, could be interesting but kind of redundant of Neighbors. Especially if there is a Neighbor’s 2, I think we will get tired of Rogen playing a pot smoking dad. Not that the character is bad, but dude, do something else. Gordon-Levitt plays the every guy. Parents dead, copes with bros, no complaints there. He is good in everything, except The Walk. Unless that gets amazing reviews there is no way I’m seeing that movie. In my opinion, there is one reason to watch this movie. Jillian Bell. Am I saying she is a must see actress? No. My question is, is she a one hit wonder. The breakout (IMO) star of 22 Jump Street was Bell. Can she make a run and eventually become an Anna Kendrick or Amy Schumer? Probably not, but can she become more than a supporting character. She has a stereotypical role as a religious wife, although the drug bit was pretty funny. The only hope for the movie is that the cast will carry a subpar script. My expectation is that the movie will be a poor mans The Interview. Story not to great, but you could have a good time watching it because of the comedic genius of Rogen. Unless I see something new from a different trailer, there is a slim chance seeing this movie in theaters.

Poster for the new movie
Poster for the new movie

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