Sequel to “Jack Reacher” Set to Release October 2016

Tom Cruise in his Chevy Chevelle.

The sequel to “Jack Reacher” will be releasing October 21st 2016. Edward Zwick is taking the directorial reins from Christopher McQuarrie, who directed the first film. Tom Cruise will be returning as the main character. If Tom Cruise is in a movie, then I will be watching it. It seems like he’s good in every role he plays. Cruise has certainly been on a roll lately with films such as “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation”(I loved this movie), and “Oblivion”.  I enjoyed all three of those movies, apparently so did the audience. These films grossed approximately 361 million dollars. In my opinion,”Jack Reacher” was good, not great. I certainly think that the beautiful Chevelle that Jack drove should’ve been used more. Hopefully there are more car chases in the sequel because I liked how they did them in the first film. To Edward Zwick, if there’s a muscle car in the movie don’t smash it up this time around.


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