Suicide Squad Reportedly Finished Filming

Will Smith looks amazing as Deadshot in "Suicide Squad".

According to various media outlets, “Suicide Squad” is one step closer towards release. Production for the film has wrapped up. It will be interesting to see how DC and Atlas Entertainment use this to their advantage.”Batman v. Superman” also wrapped up filming almost a year before the release date, I wonder if DC can keep the hype train rolling up until both movies eventually release.

“Suicide Squad” is extremely important for DC and their ever expanding movie universe. In my opinion “Suicide Squad” is basically DC’s version of “Guardian’s Of The Galaxy”. I compare the two because “Suicide Squad” is an important risk for DC, much like “Guardians Of The Galaxy” was for Marvel. Marvel took a risk in developing and eventually releasing a movie with no well-known(To the mainstream audience) characters. Before “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, the broader movie audience had no idea who Groot and Starlord were. With that in mind, I think “Guardians Of The Galaxy” might end up being a riskier investment. While the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” weren’t very popular until the movie, “Suicide Squad” stars one of the most endearing and revered characters in comic book history, the joker(Played by Jared Leto). For “Suicide Squad”, David Ayer created a new age Joker that could potentially be the main villain of the DC universe for years to come. That alone is worth the price of admission to me. Also the up and coming Margot Robbie is playing Harley Quinn, everyone’s favorite naughty sidekick.

Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn, and the World is better because of this.

Since the movie is almost finished, keep an eye out for a big marketing push by DC and Atlas Entertainment in the coming months. DC needs “Suicide Squad” to be successful not just financially, but also to guage audience interest in lesser known comic stories.


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