George Miller Rumored to Direct the Next Superman Movie

George Miller
George Miller

According to Jon Schnepp, critically acclaimed director George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) could be in line to direct the next Superman movie. Schnepp knows his way around Superman since he directed the documentary “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”. The documentary detailed what happened to Tim Burton’s Superman reboot and why it was shut down a few weeks before production began.

After the underwhelming “Man of Steel”, Warner Brothers might want a change of direction. In my opinion, “Man of Steel” was alright, I liked it more than the critics did. It definitely had the potential to be something great, but it didn’t come close to that. It would be a bad decision if WB kept Zack Snyder on to direct the next Superman movie because he has so much on his plate. He has been tasked to direct “Justice League: Part One” and next years “Batman vs Superman” (which I have very high hopes for) as well. The DC universe was seemingly put on his back after “Man of Steel” debuted in 2013.

I would be ecstatic if this rumor turns out to be true. Coming off of the hit “Mad Max: Fury Road”, I could see why WB wants Miller to direct Man of Steel 2(may not be the title).There are a number of entertaining “Mad Max” movies which he directed that showcase his talent as a director. He is a visionary who could help bring Earth’s oldest superhero back to prominence. Warner Brothers needs a director with the talent to fix the problems “Man of Steel” had and to add a fresh take on it. There hasn’t been a good comic book adaptation of Superman since “Superman 2” (1981). I hope that Miller will be able to change that.


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