Teaser for “The Hateful Eight” released.

Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in
Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh in “The Hateful Eight”


A couple days ago, The Weinstein Company released a teaser for their upcoming movie “The Hateful Eight”. This is the largest look at Tarantino’s new film to date, it was a lengthy teaser that gave us a better look at the leading characters and the basic synopsis.

Tarantino’s latest flick seems like it will be fine, but the movie production hasn’t exactly been smooth. Tarantino was in line to direct his eighth feature length film until an early script leak halted development. Tarantino was pissed and he initially cancelled “The Hateful Eight”. After the script leak, Christoph Waltz was removed from the movie(Disappointing). In my opinion that decision could prove to be a costly one for The Weinstein Company, as Waltz and Tarantino have been on a roll together (They have a combined box office gross of $726 million).

Now let’s get to the discussion about the teaser. As I already said we get a really good look at the members of the Hateful Eight, Wyatt Earp… I mean Kurt Russell looks great as the lead character. This could be a comeback movie for Russell, as his last couple movies haven’t really been excellent. Samuel L. Jackson seems like he will play his usual badass type, but that’s okay. He can keep doing his thing just as long as we don’t get a snakes on a plane sequel. Obviously Russell and Jackson aren’t the only actors in the movie, but the teaser was primarily focused on those two, so we didn’t get an  extensive look at some of the secondary characters. That isn’t too bad because I’m sure Michael Madsen and the other supporting actors will get their time in the spotlight. Tarantino isn’t usually one to have trouble developing each character no matter how little they appear.

The link to the teaser is right below!



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